Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Town of Durham Posts Unofficial Election Results

March 12, 2013

Dear Members of the Community,

The Town of Durham and the Oyster River School District successfully held another Town/School election over the course of the day today.  A thank you is extended to all of the election workers and town/school officials for their diligence in staffing the polling places in Durham, Lee, and Madbury.

The unofficial results follow …


For Town Councilor (Vote for not more than three)
Wayne Burton - 666
Carden Welsh - 625
Jay Gooze – 673

For Public Library Trustee (Vote for not more than three)
William Schoonmaker - 690
Jenna Roberts - 638
Holly Stark - 631

For Trustee of Trust Funds (Vote for not more than one)
Craig Seymour – 722

Article 2 – Referendum on Wastewater Treatment Plant Sludge Dewatering Equipment Replacement (2/3 vote required)

Yes – 632
No – 129

This article passed by an 83% vote.

The total number of votes cast in Durham today was 877.  An average turnout for the annual Town election is around 1,200. 


[Unofficial Results from Durham, Lee, and Madbury]

For Moderator (Vote for not more than one)
Richard Laughton – 1661

For School Board At-Large (Vote for not more than two)
Thomas Newkirk – 1470
Carl Piedmont – 682
Kenneth Rotner – 1258

Article 3 – Shall the District vote to approve the Collective Bargaining Agreement between Oyster River Education Support Personnel Association and the ORCSD?
Yes- 1379
No – 690

Article 4 – Shall the district raise and appropriate $40,000 for the purpose of supporting initiatives requested by the Oyster River Sustainability Committee?
Yes – 1237
No –838

Article 5 – Shall the district vote to authorize the retention of year-end unassigned general funds not to exceed 2.5% of the current fiscal year’s net assessment?
Yes – 1330
No – 666

Article 6 – Shall the district raise and appropriate an operating budget, not including appropriations by special warrant article and other appropriations voted separately, totaling $38,815,855?
Yes- 1250
No – 782

The total number of votes cast for the Oyster River Cooperative School District was 2162. 

Please have a very good evening.

Todd I. Selig, Administrator
Town of Durham, New Hampshire
T:  603-868-5571    F:  603-868-5572

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